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November 5, 2013

The Revolutionary Mighty Purse!

The Mighty Purse; perfect for the woman on the go!

How many times have you been out somewhere and your iPhone (example) is seconds away from dying & yet the person you were meeting up with isn't there yet or it's only 5PM & you have plans to stay out all night? Worry no more! (I realize this sounds like a crappy infomercial but seriously, this thing is REAL & REALLY amazing & we're EXCITED about it!!) We posted about getting them by the end of the week & a few of you had questions...so here's all of the answers! 

How does it work?


How do you re-charge the purse itself?

How can you tell if your purse is charged?
It shows you!

Everytime you fully charge your purse, it will give you at least 2 full charges on your phone due to the battery used in the purse being twice the battery capacity your phone has.

A lot of people were asking what it is compatible with?
The Mighty Purse is compatible with any smarthphone with a micro-USB port including Apple iPhones, Androids, Smartphones (BB) & tablets and will even charge your Kindle or Kobo! For the iPhone 4 & 5, there is an adapter included with your purse.

And don't worry we'll tell you when they are in because we know you guys are stoked for them too! 

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