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November 23, 2013

GIFT GUIDE // The gal who has everything

Every Fall I think to myself, I'm going to start my Christmas shopping early this year, and then September goes by...and October...and now it's November, okay we're already the end of November and I still have not started yet. If you're like me you might be thinking now would be a good time to start your shopping. Hey at least it's not December/last minute quite yet, right?

We're going to be doing some 'Gift Guide' blog posts in the coming weeks to make your Christmas shopping a little bit easier.

This oversized owl mug
Because I don't know a gal who couldn't find a use for a large mug with cute 70s'esque owls on it. There's also one with a wicked octopus too!

...& something to put into that owl mug, coffee! 
We're currently selling Marks Morning Cure, Headstrong coffee from Black Honey. All proceeds are going to the Canadian Blood Services in support of a friend in our downtown community who is currently battling leukemia. It is $15/bag, cash only. 

An XL wine glass...that holds an entire bottle.
I betcha the gal who has everything doesn't have this...and if she does already, well then I understand why you're friends with her, I'm sure she's a blast!

Knit cross-over headband from Krochet Kids
This headband is awesome for a few reasons. It's a nice & thick knit so that your ears will stay warm, it's super cute on, and you're also participating in a fun company who empowers people to rise above poverty. 
Learn more about Krochet Kids here

Made in the U.S by a family in Eugene, Oregon, these heavy duty canvas & leather tote bags are perfect for any time of year. They're big enough to fit textbooks or a laptop for students, gym clothes & sneakers for the gal on the go or groceries for an afternoon at the store. This tote is currently on sale & available in Navy & Olive as well as Red.

I don't know many people who wouldn't appreciate a new book. I personally don't often buy books for myself so I love receiving them as a gift, plus this is a #1 New York Times Best Seller so you know it's gotta be good!

These statement necklaces from Vancouver designer Harriet Grey are fantastic! The design is beaded & attached to a felt backing making them super light weight. They truly go with everything from dresses to plain tees, I love the versatility & the fact that they make any outfit instantly more interesting...

...& of course, we also have shoes & handbags...but you already knew that ;)

At S.O.S Christmas is kind of our 'thing'. Everyone loves receiving shoes & accessories as gifts, but we also offer a wide variety of knick knacks, for both men & women, which are perfect for stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts.

Come on in, tell our staff a little bit about the person you're shopping for & I'm sure we can help pick out the perfect gift!

Stay tuned for the 'Gift Guide' for the fella who has everything!

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