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October 16, 2013

SPOTLIGHT ON: Mens fashion

Men's fashion has come a long way in recent years, heck fashion in general has come a long way. I often find myself telling customers that there aren't any rules anymore...it's so true, and how fun is that?! No rules...hell yeah!! More & more you're seeing people step out & take a chance, do something different & having FUN with their fashion choices, because at the end of the day, that's all it is...a choice, a choice to look your best & present your best self to the world; that's a pretty awesome choice to get to make every single day.

I know that often times we focus on female fashion, it's what we see most in the media, women generally talk about fashion, clothes, shoes, etc more often then men but today I want to focus on the fellas, the fantastic fellas who make that choice everyday to look damn good & put on clothes that make them feel good.

One of the easiest boots we have in store. They're a little bit country & a little bit rock & roll, aka: the perfect combination if you ask me. Pair these with your Levis & favourite leather jacket & you're set!

We currently have our largest assortment of Mens Red Wing boots in store right now. Low top, high top, desert boot...if you're looking for a high quality, long lasting, durable boot to take you from point A to point B in comfort & style, you've found it. Just make sure you get a classic style you'll love for years because these won't be going anywhere!

Stylist Ian from our neighbours at Plush Boutique is loving his John Varvatos desert boots. John Varvatos has been designing menswear since '99 & credits his obsession with rock n' roll as the catalyst for his interest in fashion & has since included musicians in his ad campaigns. If you dig the shoes, you should pop by Plush as well to check out his mens fashions.  

Looking for a boot that's a little bit out of the ordinary? Ben Sherman, a British clothing designer who has been making menswear for over 50 years, has dipped into the shoe industry & we're diggin' it! He's put a modern twist on the classic brogue wingtip by adding a lug sole, alternative laces & an amazing price point!!

We know how much men love their Blundstones, that's no secret. The Chelsea Boot silhouette has been around since the Victorian era & became popular in the 1960s mod scene, since then they've evolved into a work boot, a fashion boot & an iconic style that can be seen on many feet around the world. Our Kenneth Cole Reaction Fall collection has put a fun twist on this boot by adding a textured & distressed leather & we're loving the outcome!! This easy slip-on boot is a must have! 

New Balance shoes need no introduction, whether you had a pair as a kid, a pair for sports or a pair for fashion, what I'm getting at is you've probably had them on your feet at some point in your life. We've recently seen the classic 574 make a resurgence in fashion & we couldn't be happier. Runners are now not just for running, they're a comfortable shoe you can wear day to day & still look good & we're big fans of that! 

I don't need to say much about a combat boot. It's a staple (or at least it should be) in one's wardrobe, male or female, I'm a firm believer that everyone should own a pair of combat boots (I might be wearing mine as I type...) 

We're a fan of the brogue wingtip detailing around these parts, but can you blame us? Ted Baker has turned a classic dress shoe into a fun alternative with tweed detailing, coloured laces (+ brown too) & an amazing purple sole. This shoe is for someone who dares to make a statement.

All in all, we're excited about our awesome Mens collection for Fall & we'd love for you to stop by & give it a peek! 

And the final question, what are you choosing to put on your feet today??

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