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May 2, 2011

doing it, and doing it right

beads, beads ... and why not some more beads. throw some stone work in the mix and you have a beautiful sandal from Sam Edelman. 
last summer, we showcased some beautiful flat sandals from Sam Edelman with semi precious stones. we could not have been more pleased when everyone else {that's you} loved them as much as we did. so, this year we stepped it up a notch ... 

intricate beading, matched with beautiful stones  makes this sandal something special for the summer ahead. it's not your average, wedged sandal. not only is this one extremely comfortable, but look at it!!! it's beautiful and unique,  with the natural colours you can match this up with almost anything.

oh, and p.s. ... those cute lil'turtles are chopstick rests!!! {or, just lil knick knacks for your shelves, whichever suits you best}

xo lianne

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