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February 9, 2010

...It's on my mind

I have to say I am getting pretty sick of the cold weather...anyone else?

The new sandals are coming in, open toes...bright fun colours. Now according to our mr. groundhog, we will be seeing more winter, however there is nothing wrong with a little early preparation!

So far Steve Madden and Dolce Vita have teased me with their deliveries of strappy, fun sandals...and this is only the very beginning. Within the next few weeks even more summer fashions will be walking through that front door.

I do have to say that seeing the new stuff always makes me happy; for one, it is nice to see some colour back in our shop! Too much blacks, greys and browns have taken over. And it is a nice reminder of how fun fashion is in the summer, floral dresses, metallic strappy sandals, shorts and t-shirts. Between seeing whats going on at Plush and already picking out sweet outfits with matching shoes I am getting ready for a summer 'over-haul' of my wardrobe.

Now it is time for a little taste of what we have going on in here right now...

We have that one in purple suede, black suede and a gold metallic
These are the DV sandals that have taken my heart,
I can't wait to see this black one on

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