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June 2, 2009

Gisele Budchen

"Seeds" ... The name of the new line from Gisele Bundchen and Ipanema

Gisele joined with the 'Forests of the Future' project to make these sandals. Proceeds from the line go towards the reforestation of the Brazilian Atlantic forest; involving the planting of 25'500 shoots of 100 different species...resulting in enough to revitalize 15 hectares of land!

::A little tid bit about Ipanema::

Ipanema as a brand employs no persons under the age of 16, and offers medical care, family planning education, and recreational centres. All production is done by Ipanema...meaning no smaller, unregulated companies are contracted to make these products.

:: A little tid bit about the sandals::
  • When your sandals have seen their final days, they are recyclable
  • 100% synthetic materials...meaning they are vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • Machine washable *awesome*
  • Synthetic sole mould to your feet...extra comfy!
  • Colours won't fade in the sun

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