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May 8, 2009

Warm weather means more CUTE sandals!

Are you as tired of the 'flip flop' as we are? I know, it's only the beginning of summer and I shouldn't be sick of them yet. And yes they are the old stand by but really...do you need it with that cute summer dress? Wouldn't a great Kenneth Cole wedge, or even a Nine West open sandal be 10 times better??

We think so!!!!
Check out what we've got in the store right now to make your summer outfit cute and complete!

--Some of The Line from
Kenneth Cole...So C

This style; available in both colours shown, is just so sexy and cute!! Oh yea, did I mention super comfortable too!

This next one available in black; something easy and classic, or the mustard yellow; adds the perfect amount of 'punch' to any outfit!

So cushy on your feet, you could definitely wear this one all day...and night!! That rubber sole works wonders for your feet.

--Something Fresh from Nine West--

Nine West did a great 'gladiator' this summer. Adjustable straps make wearing this one so easy!

This next sandal is my personal favourite right now!The two toned brown is just stunning, and the subtle gold details..How could you go wrong?

I know we are all enjoying bringing out the summer stuff...but time to retire those rubber flip flops for a more appropriate time (public showers...beach ect.) Now is the time to get in on some of this summer's cutest styles here at S.O.S. Sizes are going quick, so find some time...and come downtown to get your feet ready for the weather!!!

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