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May 14, 2014

HOW TO: Rocking an extreme style

Sometimes trends get extreme. Sometime's that can be insane & other times it can be awesome. We think these extra high gladiator sandals are on the awesome side. Usually with something that's a little 'off beat' you're left thinking "How am I going to style that?" so we're here to help!

We love them shown above, worn casually with a knotted tank & a pair of denim shorts. Simple & easy! The statement necklace & the sandal take the outfit to the next level.

They're just as awesome dressed up. The thing with an extreme style is that you can really keep the rest of the outfit simple & let the shoes do the talking. Paired with a plain black dress as shown above is my personal favourite way. 
PS: If you don't have a staple black tank dress I recommend you getting one...SO many different ways to wear it!

Here's a cross between dressy & casual. I love the look of the sheer blouse knotted at the front and worn with a shorter skirt. These sandals are tall so pairing with a shorter skirt is a killer combo!!

Another casual look but it's crazy how this outfit goes from 'meh' to WOW with the sandals! If she was wearing a flip flop, there'd be nothing too fun goin' on here.

OR rock them with a bikini...and only a bikini. Just kidding ;) I mean unless you're into that of course.

Trying new styles is fun! Shoes are supposed to be fun, why not try something a little bit out of your comfort zone this Summer? We think these are a great start! These ones are Steve Madden & run for $110, a totally reasonable price to take a stab at an awesome trend.

Check them out in store or online here

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