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April 29, 2014

Charge on the go!

We know how much it sucks when your phone, iPad, iPod (etc) dies when you're out & you're stuck on the bus or at work or *gasp* with friends...well, don't get stuck! S.O.S now carries a wide selection of  products that charge your phone on the go!

First we introduced you guys to the Mighty Purse from Handbag Butler, a genuine leather clutch that is not only soft to the touch, it also charges your phone on the inside!

These clutches are beautiful on their own, let alone being a fully functioning phone, iPad & tablet charger.

We just received a new line of products from a brand called Triple C that have introduced us to a smaller, canvas handbag

Available in 3 different colour ways.

& last but not least, they also have a card sized charger that you fit right into your wallet!
How convenient is that? This one comes in 4 designs (some unisex) & allows you to charge your phone with a battery that you can keep in a credit card slot in your wallet - brilliant! This is the smallest & thinnest power bank you'll find on the market.

These chargers are a great gift idea, especially with Mothers Day coming up!

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