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January 20, 2014

FEATURE POST // Red Wing Heritage boots

Established in 1905, it was not until 1953 that Red Wing opened their first store in Salt Lake City, Utah & by 1960 there were 12 other Red Wing stores located across the U.S. Today, there are more than 560 Red Wing stores in the U.S, with some in Europe & Asia as well, let alone the countless stores (like our own) that are proud to have Red Wings on our shelves. 

We love seeing something from start to finish, the shoe making process is no different. Check out this awesome video, straight from Red Wing's factories!

One of the many reasons we love Red Wings, they have their own leather tannery's which is an essential part of their process as they stand by the fact that sturdy, thick, high quality leather is an absolute essential in the Red Wing process.

Straight from the factory, looking fresh...

...& looking just as good, if not better, after months of wear. We absolutely looove the raw, authentic look that comes from a pair of worked in Red Wing boots. In my opinion there is nothing better than a strong pair of denim, worn with a Red Wing boot. And ladies, did you know that there are Red Wing boots that can be ordered in smaller sizes for you too? I just placed my first order & am over the moon excited for them to come in!!

See? Denim, leather, Red Wings...perfection! Such a classic look.

As you can tell, we clearly love Red Wing boots. We love a boot that is made with love. Unfortunately made in the USA seems to be a dying art so it is fantastic to come across a well-made boot, with a century of wild success behind it. Known originally as a work boot, Red Wing now also holds strong in the fashion community and is worn by many. 

Stop by the shop to check out our Red Wing collection & if there is a style we don't carry that you'd like, check out Red Wing's website we'd be happy to special order it for you!

Photos taken from the Red Wing tumblr


  1. Very nice blog. Here describe all the history and details of Red Wing Boots. They increase their facility in their factory and they produce some good boots.

  2. I am a third generation male in my family who wears Red Wing Boots. This blog is so informative and makes me appreciate my choice of favorite footwear even more. Thanks!

  3. Red Wing boots are an absolute classic - masculine, sturdy, comfortable and of the highest quality! I wear my Red Wing boots with pride. Thanks for this post!