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December 4, 2013

STAFF PICK: Daniel Wellington


I love the look of the nato strap on this classic & preppy Daniel Wellington watch. Mixing dressy with a casual vibe through the classic colouring on the nato strap is such a perfect combo. Nato straps originate from the British navy where divers would use the strong nylon straps over wet suits, so you know they're durable. They were originally made to avoid rust, however the designers loved the look & versatility of them and wanted to include them in their watch collection. The fun part about the DW watches is that the straps are all interchangeable so if one day you feel like wearing leather, pop that on for an entirely different look!

Speaking of leather, the Classic St.Andrews is my favourite of the Mens leather strapped watches.

The leather straps bring a different style to your DW watch. This watch is perfectly versatile and would look fantastic dressed up with your favourite suit, or paired with a t-shirt and jeans for a more dressed down approach. The rose gold face, Japanese movement & Quartz crystal face ensures quality & style.

The fantastic part about the DW watches is that there are multiple sizes offered in the face plates. The larger sizes are considered Mens & the smaller are considered Womens however they are interchangeable & unisex incase you are a woman who wants a larger face, a man who wants a smaller or vice versa. 

Watches make a great Christmas gift as they aren't something that people generally don't buy for themselves. With Daniel Wellington, you know that you're getting both quality & style at an affordable price. 

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