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September 10, 2013

SPOTLIGHT ON: Krochet Kids

There seems to be a new movement happening in fashion and it's something that I can really get behind. It's about creating something awesome for consumers but it's more importantly about giving back to others. We've seen it with Toms & their One For One program & since then we've seen it popping it up more and more. 

I'd like to introduce you to Krochet Kids...

Krochet Kids was started by a gentleman who originally started crocheting as a hobby, he was also a snowboarder & so he enjoyed making his own original headwear. He also taught his friends the craft, which quickly turned into a small business as friends were wanting to purchase their wares. Throughout college the 3 friends found themselves travelling to developing nations on school breaks & were teaching people there to crochet as a ways to make a means and break the cycle of poverty. Halfway through college (in 2008) they applied to become a non-profit organization & to this day are empowering over 150 people in Uganda and Peru that are now working and receiving an education based upon the Krochet Kids & their mission. 

My favourite part about this is that each item has a hardwritten tag with the name of the lady who made it for you. You can then take the name & visit their website & read up on each individual that they have making their product. Isn't that neat?? The art of handmade seems to be on it's way out so knowing that a real person (not a machine) put their hard work into the piece you purchased is such a comforting thing...knowing that you helped this woman personally to create a better life for herself & her family is really, really cool!

We currently have big, cozy infinity scarves, slouchy toques & some pretty darn cute hats for the kiddos too!

I know we seem to have gotten a second blast of Summer but before long we're going to be wanting to keep ourseleves toasty so you might as well prepared!

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