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June 3, 2013

NEW! Mimi&Marge stacking rings

New sterling silver stacking rings are here from Mimi & Marge and they have totally won my heart. I love the simplicity & minimalist look of a great set of stacking rings! Sterling silver is great because it means you never have to take them off or worry about whether you wash your hands with them on accidentally (can you tell I've done this before?)

Anyway! Aren't they fantastic? Shown in the photo is one of each style that is available. The one on my pointer looks like it's one solid ring but it is 3 stacked, so many options for stacking them! The mid finger trend is definitely one I've adapted into my everyday set of rings as well. I really love the look of it, I think it's fun & fresh!

Pop by the store to have a closer look :)

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