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November 6, 2012


We've seen a lot of reoccurring trends this season, whether they be returning from the 70s or from a few seasons past, what's your current favourite trend?

Are you feeling the return of the Pillow boot by Cougar? I totally am and can't wait to get these babies on my feet. They're called 'pillow' boots for a reason you guys!

 Maybe you're loving the studded trend that's been popping up season after season...which really makes me wonder, are studs even considered a 'trend' anymore. I feel like we can probably consider them a staple, ya?

The desert/ankle bootie made a strong comeback this season and I was all over it the second they came in! They're an easy to wear, super cute style. They're also season'less as we got them in late summer and I found myself wearing them with shorts, but also wearing them now, as winter approaches as well. My favourite from this season were the Sam Edelman 'Petty' boot as they're truly a beautiful shoe.

What has been your favourite style to rock so far this season, and what trends are you coveting?

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