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October 11, 2012

How to wear: Fryes

Fryes. The boots that were literally made for walking. With years and years of experience, the makers at Frye sure know what they're doing. Crafting beautiful styles of the best leathers - they're definitely worth the investment as you'll have these classic styles forever! The short answer of 'how to' wear them is...put them on your feet, with anything & everything, but here's some style tips anyways!

This look is perfect for the weather we've been having lately. Wearing tights with your shorts from summer are a great way to make use of them year round. I love how she's paired stripes against a fun scarf & super cute hat. Her Frye boots look perfect with this outfit too!

I loooove this look. A great fall-coloured pant, denim shirt & amazing vintage jacket, can't go wrong - the Fryes are really just the icing on the cake and definitely finalize this outfit!

Frye boots are great because they don't necessarily focus on trends or fashion forward pieces, but rather classic pieces that you will really get a great life out of and get your monies worth. What would you wear your Fryes with?

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