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July 25, 2011

appreciating an icon

Nathan Clark died on June 23 at age 94
He was great grandson to Clark's founder James Clark, and is responsible for creating the original Desert Boot. 

 While serving in Burma, during the 2nd World War he noticed servicemen wearing rough suede boots with crepe soles. He thought that a similar version of this boot would make a great all-round shoe. He then decided to create a Clarks' version, cutting the first patterns from newspapers on the barracks floor.
From there, he worked on the design to make them more appealing to general public, and took the first few pairs to the 1949 Chicago Shoe Fair. There, they became an instant hit.
The simple design has remained largely unchanged, and since the 60's when they became mainstream fashion, they have remained a favourite with over 12 millions pairs sold worldwide.
Nathan has made his stamp, as the creator of a classic.


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