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June 8, 2011

for that someone special

since the beginning signs of spring, (in retail world that means the beginning of winter) we have been focusing our energy on improving our men's section. i have to say that we have done a pretty good job so far. 
with fathers day slowly approaching, what a perfect time to bring in your dad, step dad, husband, uncle, or grandfather to check out what we have. ...

with this wonderful weather we are having, our selection of light weight sneakers are sure to please.
if you wanted something a little bit more fun and love the element of surprise, check out our 'father's day perfect' gift selection 

whether he enjoys a good beer, fixing things around the house, barbecuing ... or all of the above, we are sure he"ll love one of our many fun gifts. 

pssst. click the pictures to get a closer look!

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