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April 24, 2011

today and on our shelves

i really hope that everyone has enjoyed their long weekend. the weather seems to be pretty decent, and the shoes pretty amazing. i had the pleasure of leaving town to visit family, which i haven't done in years. it was wonderful, and i feel thankful i was able to do so. 
coming back to work is always nice. i really cannot complain when i am surrounded by shoes all day long. especially when those shoes look like this

of course it's jeffrey campbell. what else would i be so excited about?!
pink suede 'FOXY' is going for $145
floral fabric 'LITA' is $160

i hope to see you soon. the warmer weather is creeping its way here, and before you know it we'll be showing off our toes and bare legs!! (insert gasp here) my legs are so pasty white, but at least i'll have my toes all purdy.
xo lianne

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