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February 8, 2011

rain and sun

rain and sun

my feminine side shows through in the things i love. i am not sure if i will stray too far from my black, grey and white wardrobe, but the things i like to surround myself in ... well, that's a different story.
i cannot wait for spring, as i am sure we are all thinking. floral is such a  beautiful thing, and i have a feeling that we may be seeing it this summer in a lot of places. 
 (i am DESPERATE for my own house so i can put up wallpaper like this !!!!)
how amazing is this yellow floral print?? this is what i want my kitchen, hallway, bedroom ... bathroom etc to look like!!! give me a beautiful skirt that looked like this, i would probably wear it everyday. i think this summer i may try different things when it comes to my clothes, things like colour and floral print. and, as we should all know by now, nothing ties a perfect summer outfit together like a perfect pair of shoes, which i will definitely not be falling short of this summer. 
come visit me soon, bare the cold. it won't be here too much longer,
xo lianne

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