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January 25, 2011

pretty spring colours

i love floral prints, and for some reason i am beginning to be really attracted to pink. now, don't get me wrong, i have always had an appreciation for the colour, it just never did anything for me. but now, all these soft 'pretty' pinks are making me feel so warm inside!!
new from BC footwear are some adorable flats. for spring, we decided to switch it up a bit! look at how adorable this simple flat is when you incorporate pretty colours, and awesome patterns ... 

aren't they pretty? it really makes me think of spring, and get excited for the first warm day when we can start wearing flats again with pretty dresses and skirts.

these two are so new, i haven't even had time to put them on the floor (just in the window display!) i thought it was more important to put them where everyone can see, and be reminded that yes, spring will be here...eventually.

like what you see? email me, or come in to say hi :)
bc footwear 'limousine' - $65 {fabric} $75 {leather}

xoxo lianne

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