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November 10, 2010

Good tips from those who care

We know that spending a little money on yourself is always enjoyable. Despite those feelings of guilt, sometimes a nice new pair of boots just puts a smile on your face and there's nothing to change that.
One thing though, is that when you spend the money and make that investment...you want it to last a little longer than a couple months. So, my number one suggestion to you is TAKE CARE of your boots!!!
It takes a little more than just one spray down with an all protector spray. Don't get me wrong, that will give you the minimum protection needed. But, if you want your boots to stay in great condition you may have to put forth a little time and love. 

With regular cleaning, polishing and protecting you may be surprised at how much longer your boots last. We offer great products from Tana that can help you help your boots. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy polishing your boots, it can be super relaxing!

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