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October 28, 2010

stay warm, and cute

Some more mental preparations for winter. 
We hate to admit it, but it is coming...and it usually surprises you one morning when you wake up and can't get out of bed because there is frost all over your walls! (Not really, but doesn't it feel like that sometimes!?)

So, let me help you get ready so you don't get stuck in the snow with your nice leather boots cursing the winter.

Some more boots from Sorel. Waterproof and rated for minus 25 degrees.

The wool jacket is from Plush, worn with a nice fuzzy wool sweater, also from Plush.
(they have great outerwear)

 Military jacket from Plush. Looks pretty fantastic doesn't it?
Photo shoots are fun, but they make me want to buy everything.

A higher cut Sorel perfect for cutting through those high snow banks. If you are a person that just can't wait for the cross walk, these are perfect for climbing over the side road snow banks. 
Bonus: they are super light weight making long walks a breeze.

Save Our Soles and Plush Boutique...offering the best outerwear to keep you protected, and looking stellar!

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