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March 1, 2010

Clogs...and more clogs

So, everywhere you look everyone is showing Clogs, in one way or another.
Chanel’s 2010 Spring/Summer collection featured high heeled clogs in a variation of colours. And deep down inside (somewhere) I think we knew this day would come. Fashion recycles itself, quite frequently I would say. And with that, comes the return of the great clog.

While booking styles for this spring, many brands put out their own version. The one that stood out the most to us, was presented by Miz Mooz.
Not only did we love Miz Mooz's take on the clog, Lucky magazine featured one of their clogs 'Rain' (green clog), in the March 2010 issue.

We grabbed the 'Hudson' from Miz Mooz, an easy one to wear if you are still hesitant of this trendy shoe. A slightly different style than 'Rain', it is still super cute and comfortable!

I have personally loved clogs, since the earliest days when my love of shoes began, so I am pleased to see they have come back to the world of fashion. I can't wait to see the different ways people choose to display this trend, and how many variations can be found. Check out the 'Hudson'...

See you soon!

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