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February 25, 2010

...spring...it's out there, somewhere

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the snow. Actually, I quite like it!
The only thing that gets me a little down, are all the beautiful sandals staring at me waiting to be worn!

It is never too early to buy sandals, but some people are still shy about even trying them on. Spring comes before you are ready, and before you know it...your favourite sandal in your favourite colour is gone. It happens each season, every year. And to be honest, it is really sad to see the disappointed faces.

This year, I say we change that!! Get an early start and make sure that at the first sign of warm weather and dry streets you have your new sandals (DolceVita, SteveMadden, Seychelles, NineWest, MizMooz whichever you prefer...) waiting at the front door for you to show off. I am currently trying to decide between the cobalt blue, or black Seychelles...hard decision.

Oh, how I love sandal season!

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