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July 20, 2009

New Favourites Arriving!

With the changing of seasons comes the arrival of new shoes!!!! So far things are looking pretty good.

With great new arrivals coming in almost every day, it's hard to say I have just one favourite!! Here is just a little taste of what we have and what is still to come here at S.O.S.

This little boot is just fantastic. Complete with a rubber sole and an easy 2inch heel, this lightweight boot passes our '8hour shift' test!

Another one from BC Footwear. With its old fashioned meets modern look it is sure to please the eye, and keep your feet happy!

Looking for something with a little flare?? This ankle boot from JUMP has what you want! The perforated detailing on the shaft gives this one an updated modern appeal. Perfect to wear with almost anything.

Want a taste of whats to come??? Here's a little something from STEVEN that should be hitting our floors within the next few weeks.
Everyone on staff is going crazy over this one.
Leather Lining
Leather Sole
Leather Upper

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