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March 19, 2008


Actually i'm pretty happy we have a rainy day today: helps the snow melt, cleans up the ground, i get to wear my Burberry rubber boots (my fabulous husband bought me!), and speaking of rubber boots...i finally did it...i decided SOS was ready for HUNTER WELLINGTONS!!!

I have been looking at these boots for over two years now just waiting for the right time, let's face it...they ain't cheap! But for those of you who know me, or will get to know me, i'm totally a trend/brand label whore! i couldn't put it off any longer...i had to bring some in, and i can't wait i will be buying a pair right away.

i hope my BB's don't get pushed to the back of the closet, i kinda feel bad for the old shoes when the new ones come into the house. you know when you get a new pair of shoes and they are all you want to wear and then one day you are rummaging through your closet, or in my case shoe shelve, and you find that pair you love/d! and it can go one of two ways; it is like running into an ex-boyfriend and you think to yourself "dear god what did i see in you" or you think "oh, that's right i did have a fantasy about you the other night". but ladies, like the ex-boy you think "what was i thinking, glad i dumped him" PLEASE do the same with those thick, black chunky
nasty-ass heels from Aldo circa 1992! they are as dated as your ex's Molson Canadian hat!

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